You know Excel
we do the rest
A complete outsourcing solution for filing IRS forms 1099, 1098, 1097, 5498, 3921, and 3922 using Microsoft Excel.

Includes e-File, e-Delivery, and PDF Forms.

Available Print and Mail Service and Tax ID Verification.

Filing just got a whole lot easier!

Although our app will certainly import from Excel, if you're looking for an affordable complete end-to-end outsourcing solution, look no further. Using our Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet you simply enter your filing information and upload it to us for processing. It's that easy.

You can choose to have us Print & Mail your forms in addition to E-Filing your information with the IRS, and attempting to E-Deliver your forms with your recipients. You can also choose to have us run your information through the IRS TIN Matching system to assist in ensuring the accuracy of your information returns.

*Additional charges apply, see our pricing page for more information

Support for Many Forms

Just like our cloud software, you can file any form 1099, 1098, 1097, 5498, and W-2G using our Excel Spreadsheet.


As soon as your spreadsheet is uploaded, we encrypt the entire spreadsheet, along with other sensitive information using our transparent encryption technology which implements the AES algorithm using 256-bit keys. Once your information is imported into our central processing system your sensitive Filer & Recipient information is also encrypted at the record level in our database.

Access from Anywhere

Once we have completed processing of your Excel Spreadhseet you will be issued credentials to our cloud software. From there you can review and print PDF copies of your recipient forms, file corrections, and create new recipients. You'll have access to all of the features and services our cloud software provides.

Optional Services

Choose from Optional services such as outsourced Print & Mail, TIN Matching, and more!

How E-File by Excel Works


Download the Excel File

Download the excel template by clicking on the link at the end or beginning of this page.


Use your Excel Knowledge

Simply enter your data into the Excel template and follow the embedded directions.


Upload the Excel File

Upload the file to our secure servers using the link above or below.


Let us work our magic

We'll review your file, contact you if we have any questions or encounter any issues. We'll then process your spreadsheet, import it into our system, proof the data, and then provide you with an oppurtunity to review prior to submission. It's that easy!

Simple, Secure And Cost Effective

With our comprehensive features and forms, our industry leading security, and our fantastic support team, let E-File Magic help you meet your year end reporting requirements. You can dowload our Excel template and review at no cost or obligation.