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Watch the following video and review the steps below.


You start by registering with E-File Magic. Once registered you'll have access to the system. There is no fee to register.

Create Filer(s)

Next create a filer for the organization you are filing on behalf of. You can create as many filers as you like, just repeat the create filer step for each additional filer.

Import or Manually Add Recipient(s)

Now, create recipients within a Filer. You can create as many recipients as you like. Repeat the create recipient step for each additional recipient.

Verify Recipient TIN/Name Information with the IRS

Optionally, utilize our TIN Matching system to verify the Name and TaxID you entered with IRS records.

Preview your PDF's

You can now preview your PDF forms. In order to remove the watermark, you'll need to release your recipients for processing. You can generate PDF's at anytime. If you wish to Print & Mail your own forms, release your order, then navigate back to Generate PDF's and print to your laser printer.

Release for Processing

Submit your order and release your information for processing.

Monitor Order Status on your Dashboard

At your leisure, monitor order status on your dashboard.

Relax, You've earned it

Now relax in the beauty of nature!

Simple, Secure And Cost Effective

With our comprehensive features and forms, our industry leading security, and our fantastic support team, let E-File Magic help you meet your year end reporting requirements. You can try our cloud software at no cost or obligation. Register today!