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Our pricing is competitive and our solutions comprehensive. Enter the number of forms you wish to file and select your optional services. The price will be computed automatically and listed below.




For 1042-S Forms add an additional $6.00 dollars per form for E-File Only. Add $12.00 per form for Print/Mail/E-File combined.
Prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed until your order has been submitted to E-File Magic for processing. Prices stated are per Company/Filer. E-File by Excel prices assume use of our Excel Template. Deviations from the formatting outlined in this template could potentially result in higher processing costs. Any unutilized funds left on account are nonrefundable or transferable and may not be carried forward to a future tax year. Contact our sales department with any questions or concerns.

Included Services

The following features/services are always included.


We will E-File your forms with the IRS participating in the combined federal/state filing program, which for most states allows you to meet both your State and Federal filing requirements.


We will attempt to electronically deliver your forms to those recipients you have E-Mail address for. The process allows you to verify when recipients download their encrypted PDF forms from our website, which meets your IRS compliance requirements for issuing your annual 1099 Forms.


Your information is encrypted using a number of different cryptographic techniques. Core data is encrypted using the AES algorithm with 256 bit keys(AES-256) CBC mode. AES-256 is considered to be the gold standard for encryption and is the same technology approved the NSA for encrypting TOP SECRET document. We store all data at rest in our database encrypted with this powerful encryption algorithm. You can read more about our security on our security page.

Print to PDF

You can print your forms directly to PDF using our high speed PDF print servers. Additionally, if you provide your recipients with paper forms, they can use the QR code in the lower right hand corner of the form to retrieve an electronic copy at anytime.

CPA Friendly

You can have as many Filers/Recipients as you wish in the system. You can also create as many users within your account as wish, so many people within your organization can work under the same company account. Additionally you can prepay your account (non-refundable) and, as orders are submitted, we will reduce the balance in this account until it's depleted, allowing one person within your organization to control the funding instrument.

Comprehensive Form List

Why settle for less? Whether your file common forms like 1099-MISC, or 1099-DIV or you file less commonly used forms like 1099-LTC or 5498-ESA, we've got you covered. Why use another service with limited form choices?

Import from QuickBooks

Using our simple to use QuickBooks export too, you can quickly export your current our prior yearh 1099 Data from QuickBooks. You can learn more about importing by visiting our imports page.

Import from Excel

Use our custom Excel Spreadsheet and import into the app with the drag of a file. Our spreadsheet is intuitive and easy to use. You can learn more about importing by visiting our imports page.

Optional Services

Choose from the following optional services for an additional fee.

E-File by Excel

As an alternative to our cloud software app, use our Comprehensive filing solution powered by Microsoft Excel. Learn more by visiting our E-File by Excel page.

Print & Mail

Every year we print, stuff, and mail hundreds of thousands of forms for customers just like you. Whether you have one form to Print and Mail or a ten thousand we've got you covered. Our competitive pricing is sure to put a smile on your face.

TIN Matching

The IRS imposes large penalties on filers that file incorrect or inaccurate data, in many cases these fees are in excess of $100.00 dollars PER FORM filed. Help avoid costly filing penalties by utilizing our TIN matching service. We'll run your data through the IRS's bulk TIN matching system and provide you with a report of any errors the IRS detected in your data. All from the comfort of our cloud software application. It's that easy.

IRS 1220 Data Copy / State Data File

We participate in the IRS combined federal/state filing program and file your data with the IRS in that manner. However, some states have special filing requirements(like Oregon for instance) and require you to also file your data electronically directly with the state. Most states accept an IRS 1220 formatted data file to meet this requirement. We can provide you with one in those circumstances for an additional fee.

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With our comprehensive features and forms, our industry leading security, and our fantastic support team, let E-File Magic help you meet your year end reporting requirements. You can try our cloud software at no cost or obligation. Register today!